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TK1 TK2 Lifedream Silence of The Lambs ”Eedla”

To me, life with company of dogs has always been a interesting opportunity to follow another specie closely. My passion in life is ethology, study of animal behaviour. As a breeder, it is really important for me to aim comprehensive breeding maintaining mental and physical properties typical for the breed. I am aiming for small scale smooth collie breeding for healthy and functional collie. One of the most important values of mine is that I would like to know first hand the dogs used in my breeding program and their background.



C.I.B & FI & LV & HU & IT CH NORDICW-13 LVW-14 WW-15 Lifedream Unfitting To Please ”Hukka”

Things I am most interested are how the dog is adopting new things, its activity and concentration level, ability and willingness to work for the owner, way to play and several everyday life problems like sensitivity to noises or allergies. I also want my bitches to be able to give birth in a familiar place where they feel like home. For this reason I try to keep the number of dogs placed with breeding terms moderate and I do not frequently have litters, usually once a year and sometimes less.

At this time, I do not have any puppyplans.



C.I.B & FI & EE CH BALTW-14 ZGBW-16 BEW-17 Lifedream Shepherd´s Pie ”Peto”

I am interested to work with my dogs almost what ever they seem to be interested of. Unfortunately time doesn’t always keep up with us. I am training them for shows, agility and herding at the moment. I have been educating myself by studying first two phases of Koirakoulu Visio years 2009-2010. It is a private school for everyone wanting to learn how to train animals and they use mainly American behaviour specialists Bob Baileys way to teach. Bailey’s philosophical point of view on teaching animal training is that training is a mechanical skill and the understanding and skilful practicing of a few simple behavioural principles are keys to trainer success. It is my intention to learn even more about the dog behaviour also from the ethology point of view. Over the years, I have attended several lectures on the subject ect. and I have been an active member of the Finnish Kennel Club and Finnish Collie Association.

Me and Ronja (L. Yes I am RN’B Design) hiking at Nationalpark Torronsuo
In addition to doghobbies, I am also active climbing and kayaking enthusiast. I love outdoors and spend also time hiking. Most of all I love photographing and I am always ready to learn more about it. I am living at the countryside of southern Finland, in a small cottage with my dogs, cats and other pets.
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IMG_20190205_070210_988Timonan Emil Enjoys Extreme

  • ”JUKKA” born. 10.5.2014
  • Breeder. Tuula Tikkanen
  • Owner. Hanna Neuvonen
  • Hips: A/A
  • Elbows: 0/0
  • Eyes: cea-free (carrier)
  • DM: N/N
  • Shows: CC, BM3
  • Trains for agility and herding
  • Pedigree in Finnish dog database
  • Photogallery

_fullLifedream Stop The Livestock

IMG_9532Lifedream Yes I Am RN’B Design



Jucaides Cayla Cahaya



Diamondfox Amazing Black Hawk